Sunday, February 11, 2018

Invite Love Into Your Life

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February 14 is Valentine’s Day, a day we now associate with romantic love. But what of other kinds of love? Whether or not we are in a romantic relationship, we can use yoga to physically invite love into our life at all levels, from the macro (Universe, Earth) to the micro (breath, internal organs) and everything in between (friends, family, community.)

How do you use yoga to invite love into your life? Through taking moments throughout your day to stop, look, feel and breathe. Enhance this pause of awareness with a gentle backbend in the heart region. This can be done anywhere, anytime simply by inhaling deeply and lifting your heart area. Tilt your head back to look heavenward or support your lower back with your hands or a chair. Feel the bones in your chest begin to soften.

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Bring to mind your favorite mantra or affirmation. Simple thoughts and words such as “I am love,” “I love life” or “the Universe supports me” can help elevate our hearts and invite love into our lives on a moment-to-moment basis. Namaste!

Images: K. Mae Copham in heart-opening yoga poses such as Crescent Moon Lunge, Wild Thing, Fish Pose, Bridge Pose, Bow Pose and Camel Pose in nature, skiing in Vail, CO, and even waiting for the subway in New York, NY.  Coloring page from Yoga Teddy Bear’s Big LittleColoring Book of 108 Yoga Poses colored by Miss Michele Palumbo, Bay Shore, NY. Enter our coloring contest to win prizes!